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Case Studies

Over the last 15 years we have been fortunate to work with some brilliant clients, from parrot products to promotional products we have covered virtually every industry. Below is a small selection of recent case studies, detailing how we have made a difference to the strategy, production, planning and deployment of our customers catalogues.

Northern Parrots – Pet Supplies

Setup in 1997, Northern Parrots is the UK’s leading parrot accessory provider selling primarily via direct mail.

After much research, Mike met with 3 companies, all specialising in catalogues. Each presented their work, and provided samples of what his future catalogue could look like. After some deliberation Mike decided to work with the Catalogues 4 Business team.

“Right from the off Ian and I hit it off. He ‘got’ me and ‘got’ the business. What’s more he wasn’t all about just revamping the catalogue, which yes it needed, but there was a science to his work. He knew what he was doing.”

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Recognition Express – Promotional Products

Recognition Express is a leading provider of branded merchandise for businesses and organisations.

They had been using a product catalogue for the last 8 years, however natural progression meant that they were on the lookout for an alternative approach and the opportunity to improve on what they had. TThat’s when they turned to Catalogues 4 Business for help.

“Digital 4 Business, the sister company of Catalogues 4 Business, also advises Recognition Express on their social digital strategy. Martin said: “What was apparent straight away was that D4B shared the same values so our line of thinking was that we wanted to capitalise on the good working relationship we had established with C4B.”

Jaguar Espresso

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Dalton Engineering

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ANCO Storage

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