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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Catalogues 4 Business different?

We specialise in producing highly effective, marketing-driven catalogues.

Our design solutions are supported by many years of practical experience gained within the catalogue industry; we know how catalogues work.

Our range of experience covers every aspect of catalogue marketing; from page design through to mailing.

Why should I use Catalogues 4 Business and not a conventional graphic design company?

Catalogues are a unique form of marketing and selling and many conventional graphic designers simply do not understand what makes an effective catalogue.

They often fail to use space effectively and don’t exploit proven catalogue marketing techniques. Catalogues have to create a proactive sales-led dialogue with the reader; only a specialist catalogue agency can help do this.

What makes you different from other specialist catalogue design companies?

Our expertise has been gained from years of practical experience in the catalogue industry; we know what it is to live and die by responses!

In addition we actively promote best practice within the catalogue industry; through publishing activity, contribution to specialist catalogue press, seminars and training.

We have demonstrated a total commitment to the catalogue industry that goes far beyond the role of a design company. We are widely recognised as being the best at what we do; selling product off the page.

Are you expensive?

Definitely not. We compare very favourably with other design companies. The one big difference is that we understand catalogues and our wealth of experience ensures that you get the best possible catalogue at the right price. Catalogues are a significant investment and we understand how to maximise returns.

Isn’t the web outperforming catalogues?

Yes and no. The web is hugely successful at getting your products in front of vast amount customers but catalogues are even better at building awareness of your brand. Catalogues and the web should be seen as working very closely together and supporting your whole marketing strategy. The great strength of catalogue is the ability to reach out to a highly targeted audience and the web is a very cost-effective ordering channel. The web also very dynamic, it is a great way to try out new products and clear end-of-lines.

Could I run my business without a catalogue and just rely on the web?

Yes, but you would missing a huge opportunity to maximise sales.

The web is very poor at soliciting sales; you go on line when you have something specific to view or buy. A catalogue has the ability to capture a potential customers attention and start to sell them something they didn’t realise they wanted.

It also has the ability to build brand and raise awareness of your web site. The most successful direct marketing businesses integrate catalogues and web into a cohesive and highly effective sales strategy. Research has proved that supporting a web site with a catalogue (either by mailing or catalogue request) can significantly improve sales.

Our own experience has shown that the single most effective way of driving traffic to a web site – is to mail a catalogue!

Where do we go from here?

Catalogues 4 Business can work with clients in a variety of ways; some want a ‘turnkey’ solution, others are very specific where and when they want our involvement.

If you already have a catalogue we will happily carry out a FREE Critique.

We will also undertake complete and thorough reviews of a catalogue’s effectiveness. If you are just starting out in the world of catalogues and need advice on where to start, please call us for no obligation chat – remember, we want you to succeed!

Whatever stage you are at, we are always very keen to hear from (existing and prospective) catalogue marketers – just call us on 0845 2300 258 or send us an email.