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C4B – a company worth working with for years!

Anco Storage Equipment is the largest stockist of industrial equipment in the UK. They have a broad range of storage equipment from Pallet Racking, Longspan racking, Cantilever and Vertical racks, Office and Industrial Shelving along with a wide range of plastic storage bins, containers and boxes.

Anco Storage has been established for more than 21 years and exclusively supply to trade distributors. Gavin Hurman, Anco’s Marketing Director knows the marketing and sales side of the business better than anybody else.

Gavin stated, “We used to produce a catalogue on behalf of our distributors as their main sales tool. We initially produced the catalogue in house but wanted to source outside the company to develop the catalogue as much as possible.”

The company realised that they could make it easier for themselves by getting somebody else to do the design for not only themselves but also their suppliers.  Anco Storage had been aware of Catalogues 4 Business (C4B) for a while and decided to finally meet with them.

“…The team at C4B are very organised and excellent at seeing any project through…”

“As soon as we met with C4B, they demonstrated their ideas and gave their advice, they really knew the market and exactly what they were doing. We soon realised that they really were the experts!” said Gavin.

As a result, C4B took over the design of the main Anco Storage catalogue. Anco Storage offers a version of their own catalogue to their customers to be branded specifically for them. C4B also took over the bespoke covers for each distributor. “C4B have to do over 70/80 covers for our distributors, at that time it gets pretty chaotic and busy but they always deliver,” said Gavin.

“The catalogue is our only sales and marketing tool, so as you can imagine, we have to get it right every time. C4B have always delivered with a professional manner and fantastic ideas,” stated Gavin.

Anco Storage has worked with Catalogues 4 Business for over 7 years now! Gavin added, “Every few years our catalogues need to be freshened up and changed slightly. We have established a very successful relationship with C4B and have since kept it going.”

Gavin concluded: “The team at C4B are very organised and excellent at seeing any project through. They are always attentive and professional. When we first met Ian, we straightaway could see that he knew the industry incredibly well. He always has the time to meet with us and give new, fresh and smart ideas. When you sit and talk with him, it’s inspiring. We hope to continue working with Catalogues 4 Business for next 7 years!”