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Catalogue Design Services

Catalogues are a unique marketing medium and require understanding on a number of levels. Creating a great looking catalogue is next to useless if it doesn’t sell. But it is not just about strong design and layout, it’s also about ease of use and not placing barriers to the completion of the sale. Simple changes can often bring great results.

It is also important to remember that catalogues are a both a sales and marketing tool. When a catalogue lands on a desk or doormat it is both your brand advocate and your sales person. And when working in competitive markets, brand affinity and integrity can clinch sales.

Catalogue Design and Production

Producing a catalogue is a complex yet fluid process, but with all things, planning is key. We have broken down the production of a catalogue into 7 simple steps.

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Catalogue Consultancy Stratgey and Marketingy

As well as catalogue design and production we also offer a consultancy service, we can advise you on your strategy or provide training for your catalogue design team.

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Catalogue Mailing and Direct Mail

We can work with you to source new data, cleanse your database and make sure your catalogue is being mailed at the right time and to the right people.

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We can also provide the following services

Catalogue Reviews

Our free critique service is extremely popular and gives a good insight into how your catalogue is performing. We go beyond design and also look at formats and ways to maximise mailing and printing costs. We can also carry out in-depth page-by-page catalogue reviews at reasonable costs.

Project Management

Keeping a catalogue on track is a big challenge, and the bigger the catalogue the bigger the challenge. From planning, right the way through to mailing, we can track, monitor and implement all parts of the process. We can put people and processes in place to ensure that all projects meet their deadlines.

Catalogue Strategy

Getting your catalogue out there to the right prospects and customers can be a real challenge. We can work with you to source new data, cleanse your database and make sure your catalogue is being mailed at the right time and to the right people. We have vast experience in making your catalogue work harder.

Training and Consultancy

Does your team’s knowledge need a boost? Are you unsure where to take your catalogue? Need an injection of specialist knowledge? We can work with you and your team to improve catalogue design and marketing skills, and help realise your goals. Training can often give time to really look at what you are doing and how to improve.

Print Sourcing and Management

We have some great contacts with the major web and sheet fed print companies in the UK. Not being tied to a particular printer means we can offer impartial advice on the best format to suit your particular catalogue. We can also manage the whole print process from proofing to press pass.


Great images make great catalogues. Working only with experienced, specialist, catalogue photographers means outstanding results. We can also organise and art direct photoshoots.

Corporate Branding

We can work with you to develop a new brand or enhance an existing one. We have a vast portfolio of logos and can help with strategy as well as design.


Copy can make or break a catalogue sale, it has to be sharp, direct, engaging and benefit driven. Our services range from simple copy editing through to full catalogue copywriting.