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Case Study – Dalton Engineering

C4B – more than just a catalogue service,
a long-term relationship

Dalton Engineering has been in the poultry business for over 30 years. They are experts at looking after poultry feeding, drinking and ventilation systems.
Based in North Yorkshire, Andrew Errington, Director of Dalton Engineering, has been working with Catalogues 4 Business (C4B) for over two years now.

Andrew stated, “We knew we wanted a catalogue but we had so many questions to begin with. We are a small company so we had no clue how to even begin! We had no concept of catalogues whatsoever.”

The company researched and got quotes from three different companies who specialise in catalogues. They decided to meet with Catalogues 4 Business and were immediately impressed. “I have to admit, I had some hesitation to begin with but as soon as we met with Ian Simpson and his team, we realised how much they actually knew about catalogues as a business and how professional they were. We knew from that moment that we wanted to take the next step forward with C4B. We decided if we were going to do a catalogue, we were going to do it properly!”, said Andrew.

From Small Beginings

C4B met with Dalton Engineering in September 2011 and their catalogue was sent out by February 2012. “We were extremely impressed by C4B’s approach. As well as trying to get on with everyday work and give our thoughts on the catalogue, they were so patient and understanding. The relationship from the start was fantastic, we knew we could do business with them because we could trust them”, stated Andrew.

“…people underestimate how big catalogues really are to a business. I know I certainly did, but I don’t now!”

C4B started working on their catalogue straight away. One of Dalton Engineering’s main concerns was the distance between their office, in North Yorkshire and C4B’s offices in Banbury. Andrew soon realised that distance wasn’t going to be an issue, as he didn’t have to travel. Andrew added, “C4B worked around our schedule and knew exactly what they were doing so I didn’t have to visit them once.”

Dalton Engineering received 3,000 copies of the finished catalogue and sent it out themselves from their own office. “As soon as we sent it out to customers, we got numerous calls everyday with compliments for weeks on end! The feedback was unbelievable!” added Andrew.

He continued: “We received new orders straight away and these continued on a weekly basis. People are buying more of our products so we can now offer more discounts. Our turnover and sales have increased without a doubt! The catalogue created a huge impact.”

As a result, Dalton Engineering have now increased their stock and added 40 new products to their catalogue due to the success. “The catalogue paid for itself in around 5 months, people underestimate how big catalogues really are to a business. I know I certainly did, but I don’t now!” said Andrew

Dalton Engineering have further boosted their marketing since the catalogue and C4B have played a big part with this, producing leaflets and adverts in key publications. C4B will also be producing their next catalogue ahead of Dalton Engineering’s biggest trade show event next year in May 2014.

Andrew concluded: “Catalogues 4 Business has helped us expand our sales and marketing immensely. Over the last year and a half since they produced the catalogue, business is looking great – sales, turnover and revenue are on the up! We have created a fantastic working relationship with C4B and we’re so impressed with their professionalism and patience. Thanks to Catalogues 4 Business, nobody has a catalogue like us!”