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Case Study – Jaguar Espresso

Catalogues work, wake up and smell the coffee!

Jaguar Espresso Systems is the UK’s leading trade supplier in espresso machine spares, glass & dishwasher spares, water filters, hoses, installation accessories, barista supplies and cleaning products.

Great products, added value and more…
With over 2,500 trade customers and selling strictly B2B, James Russell, Managing Director set up the company nearly 20 years ago. Helen Taylor, Director at Jaguar, has been with the company for nearly 15 years now and knows it inside out.

Helen stated, “In this type of business, we have always had a catalogue, it is essential. When we first began, we did our catalogues in-house and printed them individually.”

The company soon realised that they had scope to create even bigger catalogues and make it easier for themselves by getting somebody else to do the design and printing.

At the end of 2011, Jaguar sat down with 3 different companies, all specialising in catalogues and heard their ideas. Helen added: “Our main criteria was what value that company could to bring to ours, obviously they needed to elevate the standard catalogues that we had been producing and it was only Catalogues 4 Business (C4B) who actually thought about selling off the page. They demonstrated how our business would hopefully increase and wanted to create an ongoing relationship. We liked what they had to say.”

C4B took over the design and print of their three main brochures. “A main advantage with C4B is the team. We have created a fantastic relationship and I have never felt pressurised into agreeing with them, I’ve always felt comfortable to say what I think. And I’m listened to.” said Helen.

“…C4B help generate 20% of turnover, which at the moment is looking like nearly £800,000. The ROI is incredible!”

Jaguar’s catalogues now have all new design and photography and have increased significantly in size. “As soon as they created our first catalogue, we noticed an increase in sales. They delivered results pretty much straight away!” stated Helen.

C4B designed Jaguar’s second catalogue surrounding barista products that is released annually and the company saw a massive 20% uptake in products and sales. Helen explained, “For this financial year, we will be turning over close to £4 million. I am confident that C4B help generate 20% of turnover, which at the moment is looking like nearly £800,000. The ROI is incredible!”

She continued: “C4B know how to hit the nail on the head, they know what image you want to get out there as a company. You hit that right, sales will follow, and that’s exactly what’s happened. After we sent out our catalogue, we received lots of feedback from customers who noticed our new design and absolutely loved it!”

As a result, Jaguar expanded their relationship with C4B using them for the next 3 catalogues and more! Helen added: “We have now also started to work with C4B’s sister company – Digital 4 Business who are helping us with our website and getting the key message that we want out there in the digital world as well as in the print world. Our experience with C4B has been an extremely positive one. For a company like us, it was a whole solution in one. There was a natural flow within the company which kept our branding and messaging consistent across all platforms.”

Helen concluded: “Catalogues 4 Business has helped us to take our business further with increasing our brand awareness, marketing and image. Overall we have come away from this experience with a fantastic on-going relationship, new sales, new customers and new business. At the end of the day, nobody knows your business as well as you, C4B get that. But with their expertise and knowledge on your side, this is not only a very powerful marketing tool, but more importantly a very powerful sales tool.”