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Don’t undervalue direct mail

Remember on your birthday when you’d receive 20 birthday cards instead of 20 notifications on Facebook? Those were the days!
It was so much more personal and really felt you were receiving a tangible keepsake but, today, it’s all too easy to send a quick message online.

So whatever happened to direct mail

Well it’s still here and, believe it or not, thriving! Businesses still see direct mail as a vital, valuable marketing and sales tool; perhaps even more than email marketing. The average opening rate of direct mail is 90% compared to that of 1-2% for email. Although mailing volumes will be less than emails – the targeting will be far more precise.

“The average opening rate of direct mail is 90% compared to that of 1-2% for email”

“What’s so good about direct mail?” I hear you ask…well, direct mail is not only more personal it is also very responsive and highly measurable. It also has a pass-through that simply does not exists with email – how many sales emails do you get forwarded by colleagues or friends? But you can easily get passed a catalogue or brochure.

Direct mail also gives you a tangible, physical presence with your customers; they own something you have given them. Customers also tend to feel a sense of value with personalised mail. They feel ‘invested in’ and there’s more of a chance of maintaining your relationship with them. In short, direct mail creates more loyal customers who spend more, more often and for longer. And it is also a major driver of web traffic.

So, next time you’re writing that marketing email, remember the potential of direct mail. Giving your customers something to ‘keep and not delete’ could transform your sales!

Ian Simpson, Managing Director of Catalogues4Business and Digital4Business