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Why catalogues are an essential sales and marketing tool

Catalogues have the power to reach potential customers, like no other marketing channel. They are the most tested piece of direct marketing material and have always proved very responsive. Catalogues are as effective as they ever have been at getting your business and your brand, in front of people.

Potentially, they are a significant investment and in simple terms – you can’t afford to get it wrong. A catalogue should instantly communicate the personality of your company, its proposition and give real reasons why the recipient should open it.

And if your catalogue doesn’t do these simple things – then it is doomed to potential failure – and probably your business with it!

It is hugely significant to view a catalogue as investment and not expenditure. A well-designed catalogue can build your brand and drive your sales; it is the perfect sales AND marketing tool. By exploiting proven catalogue dynamics, you can greatly influence buying decisions. Catalogues are designed to speak directly to your audience and are proven to be the number one driver of online sales.

In the prevailing digital market place, catalogues are seen as more important and relevant than ever. This has been highlighted in several research documents including our own: Channel Vision Report 3.0.

We take what we do here at Catalogues 4 Business very seriously. We are experts at developing you company’s brand and selling your products off the page. We create catalogues that work hard and fight for every sale. We create the ideal ‘silent salesperson’ – that just happens to know a thing or two about marketing your brand!

So what are the key points catalogues should achieve?

Put simply it should:
grab attention
relay your proposition in the marketplace
sell your products off the page
remove barriers for customers in placing the order

Despite today’s digitally-driven age, customers prefer to receive something tangible. It makes them feel invested in, has a personal touch, are easier to browse through and make a final buying decision.

Throughout our latest research, we found that a massive 39% of companies have stated that their catalogue helps to build their brand. An additional, 27% of businesses stated that a catalogue is central to their business.

Catalogues are here to stay. Don’t believe it? Wait and see…

Ian Simpson is Managing Director of Catalogues4Business who specialise in producing highly effective, marketing-driven catalogues. C4B’s catalogue design offers brands the maximum effect to sell their products. For more information either phone 0845 2300 258 or visit